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Interview With DM Cunningham, Author Of NILES WORMWART: ACCIDENTAL VILLAIN @LiteraryAsylum @SHPMiddleGrade @SpencerHillP

Hi all! Today we have an interview with the awesome D.M. Cunningham, author of NILES WORMWART: ACCIDENTAL VILLAIN.

How would you describe yourself? Well, other than as a writer. We already know that part.
Husband, father, coffee addict, filmmaker, TV producer, horror junkie, pumpkin freak, metalhead, movie score collector and allergic to dust. I don't have any orange shirts in my wardrobe (by choice). I've just listened to the same hard rock song about 40 times because I love it so much.

What authors or other creative types influence you the most?
Oh, umm, how much space do you have on this blog?! And in no particular order because I love random. Judy Blume, Lois Duncan, Katherine Paterson, Stephen King, Poe, Grimm fairy tales, Jason Edmiston, Famous Monsters, Wes Craven, Tim Burton, John Carpenter, Stanley Kubrick, Danny Elfman, John Williams, Alice Cooper, Goblin, Alter Bridge, Krzysztof Penderecki, Steve Jablonksy and I could go on for days. 

What one thing are you OCD about?
And by ODC you mean Outrageously Cool Dude? I get that all the time. 

Sorry, I was just informed that's not what you meant. Based on the Yale–Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale my desire to have a lot of movie scores may border on obsessive. Otherwise I'm super normal and awesome and have no weird traits at all. Okay, I also love goofy socks... a lot. Oh and pumpkin, did I say that already? 

What is the most creative way you have promoted any of your books?
I always told my publisher and amazing editor that I would love to shoot my book out of a canon to people. But they advised me against that. So now I'm thinking about strapping copies to park squirrels and letting them have a go at it. I know, totally sounds nuts. Let's check in later and see if it worked. 

If you encountered Nikola Tesla, would you ask him to help you build a time machine to fix something from the past, or build a different machine to shape your future?
First thing I'd do is have dinner with the guy so I could watch him clean his fork several times. Then I would absolutely ask him to build a time machine, and show me how the world power grid would work and see if he'd go to Disneyland with me. I would also introduce him to hard rock music because I think he would have loved it. And see what he thinks of David Bowie's acting in The Prestige. 

What are the first three rules you would make if you took over the world?
1. Tim Burton's production designers would have to redesign all buildings and towns. 
2. I would have my own personal Haunted Mansion in my backyard that I could ride on at all times. 

3. Free health care for all (drops the mic).

NILES WORMWART released November 2014. Find it on GoodReads, Amazon,Barnes & Noble, and wherever else awesome books are sold.

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