Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Teaser Tuesday, #NaNoWriMo Edition

Hey all!

For this week's Teaser Tuesday, I thought I'd post an excerpt from my NaNoWriMo project, working title CHANGING TEAMS. This is my first foray into NA contemporary romance, and I can't wait to hear what people think about it!

The excerpt below is from the third chapter, and is told from the POV of our hero, Sam MacKellar. And, away we go!

“Britt,” I murmured, my hand coming to rest on the curve of her bottom. “Short for Britney?”

“Not hardly.” When I kept looking at her, she elaborated, “I’ll tell you, but you have to promise not to laugh.”

“Scout’s honor,” I said, squeezing her bottom for good measure.

Britt buried her face against my neck; whatever this story was, it had to be good. “Well,” she began, “my mom got pregnant in the school library.”

“The school library?” I scandalized.

“Yeah, yeah,” Britt said, her breath hot on my neck. “Anyway, once Mom knew she was expecting she went back to the aisle it, um, happened in, and picked out a name from the books on the shelves.”

“Wait.” I rolled onto my side so I was looking Britt in the eye, and asked, “Is your full name Britannica?”

“Yeah,” she admitted, “Mom got knocked up in the encyclopedia section.”

“Well,” I said, with my best straight face, “at least it wasn’t in front of the Funk and Wagnall’s shelf.”

We burst out laughing at that, and Britt pounded my shoulder. “Sam, you promised you wouldn’t laugh,” she shrieked. Once we calmed down I rolled onto my back, and Britt laid her head on my chest. “You’re different here.”

“Different how?” I murmured. I folded one of my arms under my head so I could watch her, and smoothed those brown waves away from her face.

“You’re voice, for one. It’s… I don’t know, deeper? And, your fake Southern accent’s gone.”

“My accent is authentic Midwestern,” I huffed.

“Uh huh.” Britt traced the column of my throat with her fingertip, then she kissed my Adam’s apple. “And, you’re just Sam. Not photographer’s assistant Sam, or awesome partyer Sam, just Sam.”

“I’ll thank you to replace ‘photographer’s assistant’ with ‘aspiring photographer’,” I snapped, rattled that Britt had effortlessly seen through to the truth of me. “You like ‘just Sam’?”

“I do.” She looked up, fixing me with her honey brown gaze. “You don’t let many people meet the real Sam, do you?”

Oh, if she only knew. “Only those worth it.”


As you can see, Sam's got it bad for Britt. But, what's he hiding? Comment below with your best guesses. 

Stop by on December 4, when we'll have the cover reveal for COPPER VEINS! Later, ya'll!

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