Saturday, October 5, 2013

Giveaway Winner, and a *Free* Short Story!

I bet your all just itching to know who won the Copper Girl shirt! Well, after writing everyone's name down, sticking them into a Tupperware bowl, and having my twins yank one out... The winner is LISA AMOWITZ! Fitting, since she designed the cover :)

I'm also happy to announce that the short story A Raven in Queen Maeve's Court is up and available for download here. It tells us how Sara's parents, Maeve and Beau, met. We even learn why Maeve gave Beau his nickname.

Go check it out, and be sure to tell me what you thought. Happy reading!


  1. Whaaaat? Is that even legal??? I guess the Rafflecopter gods prevail once again! ;) Congratulations, Lisa!

  2. Lucky Lisa!!!! LOL! Congrats And I read the short story yesterday, it is FANTASTIC! I really liked it a lot! Love getting a bit of background to Copper Girl!