Thursday, March 13, 2014

Review - HAUNTING JOY by Lena Goldfinch

Hi all!

I'm just thrilled to be part of Lena Goldfinch's blog tour, where I review not one but THREE of her awesome titles! Next, we have HAUNTING JOY.

When I picked up HAUNTING JOY by Lena Goldfinch, I was expecting a ghost story. HAUNTING JOY is so, so much more than that.

Joy is something of a tomboy, and no one is more surprise than she when her grandmother brings her a white dress, her latest thrift store find. Still, Joy finds herself drawn to the dress, so much so that she wears it almost every day. Joy quickly realizes that there is more to the dress than meets the eye, namely that it belonged to a girl named Beth that dies a few weeks prior. Joy then embarks on a journey to find out who the girl was, how she dies, and how she can help her move on, HAUNTING JOY is equal parts spooky, sweet, and coming-of-age, and we get to watch Joy solve the mystery of the dress, and herself. Highly recommended!

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  1. Hi, Jennifer! Thanks so much for your review and for your encouraging words. :) It means a lot! Glad you enjoyed Haunting Joy. Thanks for being part of the blog tour. It's been a great one so far. I've been blown away by the people who've taken on not one, but several of my books. (Intrepid souls! ;))

  2. Love this! About the book being more than a ghost story, and about Joy having to discover the mystery of herself as well as the dress. Yes!! :) Great review!