Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Pi-Con begins this Friday. Eep!

For those of you planning to attend, below is my panel schedule. At other times I can be found on Dealer's Row in the Broad Universe room, hawking books, jewelry, and a few paintings.

Friday 7pm: The Broad Universe

We are the voices of women writing science fiction, fantasy and horror, working to Broaden our members' horizons.

Saturday 11am: Using Fairy Tales in Modern Writing

What fairy tale elements can we use in modern fantasy or sci fi writing, and which ones should we leave alone? How can we use these elements in fresh ways? Is it okay to change the lessons, to change the genders? This will not be a tracing of the history of fairy tales, but about making them work for us.

Sunday 10am: Self Publishing

In what ways is Self Publishing more beneficial than using publishing companies? What options are available to self-publishers? Why do some people disrespect it? What's the difference between "vanity" publishing and self-publishing? Discuss these questions plus how to get into and actually self publish.

Sunday 12pm: (2 Hours) Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading

And, during the Rapid Fire Reading I'll be reading from my latest work, Copper Girl, slated for a June 2013 release. (Yes, this is the Big Thing I've been hinting at. I'll tell you more as soon as I can!)

See you there!

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  1. We'll be seeing a lot of each other, at the BU panel, in the BU Dealer's room (which is doubling as my crash pad after hours) and at the Rapid-fire reading.

    Remind your fans that our 2 hour slot (generously provided by Pi-Con Programming) allows for longer readings and thus better samples of an author's work. And it provides better opportunities to stop in and listen, should a panel time conflict.

    Looking forward to seeing you there!