Sunday, July 29, 2012

Oh, no! It's a Kelpie!

Ok, there wasn't really a kelpie. What did happen is that the fabulous Trisha Wooldridge has a novel coming out, called The Kelpie, and she asked me to take a few pictures for the cover.

Being that kelpie's are quite dangerous, this meant we needed a stand-in. Enter Sue, Horse Mistress Extraordinaire, who let us invade her yard and photograph Dancer. Following are a few of the bazillion pictures I snapped:

Our cover model, Dancer

                                                         Yep, she's a quick one


                                                     Rusty, Dancer's barn mate

                                                       Sue hosing down our star

There was a rooster, too! He was a bit camera shy.

Trisha cuddling Barbie, another of Sue's horses

As for the final cover, it is now in the hands of the capable folks at Spencer Hill Press. Stay tuned for the reveal! And, don't forget to pick up a copy of The Kelpie by Trisha Wooldridge, available December 2013.


  1. Tease! I can't wait to get my digital paws on some pix...

  2. Squeeee!!! :D Thanks Jenn! And I will upload them.... TONIGHT!!!!!