Sunday, April 20, 2014

How The Dinosaurs Really Went Extinct

Over the years, scientist have proposed several theories about the sudden, mass extinction of dinosaurs. These theories range from an asteroid impact, to extreme climate change, to global volcanic activity. They're all wrong.

Dogs did it.

You heard me. Dogs.

Ferocious, huh?
I bet you're wondering how I came to this radical conclusion. As any good scientist does, I collected and analyzed evidence to form my theory, and I will present my findings below.

The first victim I uncovered was this troodon, which lived during the Cretaceous period. Notice the killing blow delivered to the spine, the hind leg that has been all but gnawed off. Sadly, this troodon suffered least of all the victims.

This hadrosaurus lost his limbs and tail in a dog attack.

This sad carcass was once that of a dimetrodon, which thrived during the Early Permian period, about 60 million years before the first true dinosaur appeared during the Triassic. This early example proves that dogs had been a longtime scourge of the terrible lizards.

As evidenced by the image above, even the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex was no match for a teething puppy.

Okay, maybe dogs didn't destroy all the dinosaurs. But what I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt is that the dinosaur population in my own house was decimated after we brought home our new puppy, Magpie Belinda. We call her Maggie, for short.

The dinosaur hunter herself
Do you have any theories about dinosaur extinction? Or, more importantly, how I can convince this puppy to chew only her chew toys? She's got a thing for shoes, too.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


By D.M. Cunningham

In the science fair world of ketchup-spewing volcanoes and potato clocks, one boy, Niles Wormwart, plans to alter the history of science fairs with his time travel wristwatch based on Nicola Tesla's work. Unfortunately, history has different plans for Niles.

After Niles blows up his school's science wing with his project, his father, deciding his son needs to man up, make some friends, and take a break from his constant experiments, sends unsuspecting Niles off to the mysterious Camp Mayhem.

The only problem is that Niles' father thinks it's a role-playing camp. Well, it's not.

Headed up by the ominous Red Czechmark, Camp Mayhem is ground zero for training the future villains of today. A place for real kids to realize the real villain inside them. Niles sharpens his focus on escaping the camp while everyone inside wants him to sharpen his focus on discovering his own dark powers. There's a sinister plot brewing, and Niles is dead in the middle of it.

Thrust into a world he only thought existed in comic books. Niles discovers his true potential inside the walls of Camp Mayhem-the potential to become the darkest of evils or stay true to his good-hearted roots.

Title: Niles Wormwart, Accidental Villain
Author: D.M. Cunningham
Publisher: Spencer Hill Middle Grade
Print ISBN: 978-1-939392-37-4
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-939392-38-1
Release Date: 11/25/2014
Formats: Paper, e-book